Case Study - Enhancing Security and Safety with Gate Automation 

Client: Craig Bishop 
Location: Swanland, East Yorkshire 
Project: Timber Swing Gate Automation 
Craig was looking to upgrade his property with electric gate automation, intending to enhance security and keep his pets safe within the boundaries of his home. The aim was to automate the existing timber swing gates without replacing them. 
The existing timber gates were manual, leading to instances of them being left open. 
Ensuring the safety of pets was a high priority, as the open gates posed a risk with the road nearby. 
The client desired increased security without altering the aesthetic appeal of the timber gates. 
Chris from Power Surge visited Craig's property to fully understand his requirements and the functionality he expected from the gate automation. They decided on a system that provided both the security Craig needed and the convenience he desired. 
Piston-Ram Motors: Installation of above-ground piston-ram motors allowed the existing gates to swing open and close smoothly, maintaining the aesthetic while adding automation. 
Photocells: To ensure the gates operated safely, photocells were installed to detect any obstruction and prevent accidental closure. 
Control Panel: A new control panel was set up to manage the automation system effectively. 
Cabling and Isolation: The electrical setup was enhanced with new cabling and isolation measures to ensure the system was up-to-date with safety standards. 
Enhanced Pet Safety: The automated system ensured that the gates could no longer be left inadvertently open, keeping Craig's dogs secure away from the roadside. 
Increased Security: The automation added a layer of security to the property, as the gates would now only open with Craig's direct input via remote controls. 
Customised Installation: Adjustments and tweaks were made to the existing gates, demonstrating Power Surge’s ability to customise solutions to client specifications without extensive modifications. 
Customer Feedback 
Craig was extremely satisfied with the outcome, particularly appreciating the enhanced safety for his pets and the added security feature. The professional approach and customised service provided by Power Surge were met with high praise. 
This case study demonstrates Power Surge’s dedication to delivering personalised gate automation solutions that address specific client concerns, such as pet safety and security. The successful integration of automation into Craig’s existing timber gates is a testament to the team's ability to adapt and customise their services to meet and exceed client expectations. 
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