Case Study - Securing Community Trust with Advanced CCTV Systems 

Client: Wawne Village Hall 
Location: Wawne 
Project: Comprehensive CCTV Installation 
Wawne Village Hall, a community hub operated on a voluntary basis, required a CCTV system to monitor the hall and ensure its security during unstaffed hours. With no day-to-day presence on site, they needed a reliable way to keep an eye on the premise 
The need for effective surveillance to monitor potential break-ins or vandalism. 
A system that could provide clear footage, even in the dark, to accurately identify individuals or damage. 
Ensuring that the CCTV footage was secure and accessible only to authorised personnel. 
Power Surge stepped in with a solution that provided the village hall with the security and monitoring capabilities it needed: 
Advanced CCTV Cameras: We installed state-of-the-art 'colour at night' cameras which feature a white LED to capture clear, coloured footage even in very low light conditions. 
Secure Recording Device: The recording equipment was housed in a lockable unit, ensuring that the footage could only be accessed by designated members of the village hall committee. 
Strategic Placement: Cameras were placed in key areas around the hall's perimeter and points of entry to provide comprehensive coverage. 
Enhanced Security: The new CCTV system offered round-the-clock surveillance to deter and document any unauthorised activity. 
High-Quality Footage: The 'colour at night' feature allowed for the capture of high-quality, coloured video footage, which is crucial for identifying details in the event of an incident. 
Controlled Access: The lockable unit for the recording device meant that footage was kept secure and viewing was restricted to authorised individuals, maintaining privacy and control. 
Peace of Mind: The installation of the CCTV system provided the hall's volunteers and the community with reassurance that the village hall was being monitored effectively. 
The successful implementation of a tailored CCTV system at Wawne Village Hall is a prime example of Power Surge's commitment to providing customised security solutions. By addressing the specific needs of the community and employing advanced technology, we were able to deliver a surveillance system that ensures safety, security, and peace of mind for the people of Wawne. The village hall now enjoys an enhanced sense of security, knowing that they have the tools to respond effectively to any security concerns. 
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