Case Study: Solar Panels & Battery Storage for Cost Savings and Convenience 

Client: Keith 
Location: York 
Project: Solar & Battery Storage, Consumer Unit Replacement, EV Charger Installation 
Keith from York was determined to cut down on his energy bills and find a convenient way to charge his hybrid car. Having an existing solar PV installation that wasn't fully utilised, he reached out to Power Surge for a solution that would make the most of his setup. 
Much of the solar energy produced was being returned to the grid for minimal financial return. 
Keith was reliant on external rapid charging stations for his vehicle, which was costly and inconvenient. 
The existing consumer unit was outdated and not compliant with current regulations. 
After a thorough site evaluation, Chris from Power Surge devised a multi-faceted approach: 
Inverter Upgrade: The existing string inverter was replaced with a hybrid inverter to facilitate battery storage. 
Battery Storage Installation: A new battery system was installed to store surplus solar energy, allowing Keith to use it when needed most, like during peak hours or at night. 
EV Charger Installation: We facilitated the necessary permissions to install a 7kW domestic EV charger at Keith's property, offering him the convenience of charging his car at home. 
Consumer Unit Upgrade: In line with our services, we upgraded Keith’s consumer unit to meet the 18th edition regulations, ensuring his home's electrical system was up to date and safe. 
Energy Efficiency: The hybrid inverter and battery storage system optimised the use of solar energy, reducing reliance on the grid and increasing savings. 
Convenience: The home EV charger installation provided Keith the flexibility to charge his car at his own home, eliminating the need for frequent trips to rapid charging stations. 
Safety and Compliance: Upgrading the consumer unit not only brought Keith’s home up to current standards but also enhanced the overall safety of his electrical system. 
Cost Savings: By harnessing solar power for both home energy needs and car charging, Keith is now saving significantly on energy costs. 
This case study illustrates Power Surge's ability to provide comprehensive, cost-effective energy solutions tailored to individual needs. Keith's story demonstrates how an integrated approach to solar energy, battery storage, and EV charging can deliver substantial cost savings, increased energy independence, and greater convenience for homeowners. 
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